​​​July 2011 - a formal request for consideration of a skatepark to Parks & Recreation of Amherst.
December 2011 Meeting with Town of Amherst Recreation to discuss, the different needs and possibilities to make a park possible
February 2012 - Aditional meetings with Town officials to cover risk factors and liabilities.
July 2012 - A Walk 2 Remember Al!x 2012
July 2012- First Rockin' For Rice - Raised $4300
July 2012 - Meeting with Town Recreation officials on possible locations, lighting , webcams, etc.
​August 2012-  Began,  Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation As required by Town of Amherst Officials
August 2012- We met with Town Recreation Officials announced the formation of Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation, Also discussed where income would be covered and addressed budget issues and needs.
September 2012- Went over formal proposal and Town Recreation officials recommended changes.
October 2012 - The 18th we held the second Rockin' For Rice - $5400 raised
October 2012 -The 20th, Broadway Bomb was held in Alix Rice's memory

November 2012 - Met with Town Recreation members to go over final changes and set a date for the formal power point presentation for the Recreation Committee.
December 2012 - Dead Hearts Reunite to Remember Alix's Birthday - $ 5100 raised
February 2013 - Formal Proposal to Town Recreation Committee of Amherst
March 2013 - Alix Rice Memorial Fundraiser raised $23,000
March 2013 - Approval of Proposal to Town Recreationof Amherst. Unanimously 7-0. Forwarded to the Town Board.
July 2013 - A Walk 2 Remember Al!X 2013
October 2013 - Music is Art - Fundraising
December 2013 - #Giving Tuesday
February 2014 - 2nd Annual - Memorial Fundraiser raised $22000
March 2014 - Town of Amherst Approval of Skatepark User Agreement
June 2014 - Chiavetta's - Amherst Lutheran Church
July 2014 - A walk to remember Alix

July 2014 - Sunnking Fundraiser 

July 2014 - Old Homes Days 

September 2014 - Awarded Tany Hawk Foundation Grant -$7500

December 2014 - NYS ESD Grant - $128888

March 2015 - 3rd Annual Fundraiser - $31000

June 2015 - Town Approves User Agreement

June 2015 - Community Design Meeting

July 2015 - Prelimnary Design Ideas

July 2015​  - Old Homes Days

August 2015 - Design submitted for review by the Town

September 2015 - Music is Art Festival

October 2015 - American Coradius International donates $9550 from Dress down days!!

November 2015 - Modern Disposal Vote 

December 2015 - Modern Disposal 1st place awarded.

March 2016 - Designs completed

September 2016 - Music is Art Festival


Alix Rice Memorial Skatepark - Northtown Rectreation Center 

Community Design Meeting held to get skate youth input on the skatepark

“Community meetings and public input is critical to the success of any public skatepark. Our goal is to engage the public and get their buy-in on the project,” says Micah Shapiro, Lead Designer at Grindline Skateparks. “This meeting was the place for the public to provide input on what elements should be included in the skatepark."

More Info on Grindline.....

BUFFALO, NY (June 2, 2015) --- The Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation heard from skateboarders and the Western New York community as it works towards fulfilling its mission of bringing a skatepark to Amherst in honor of Alix Rice. The foundation (ARPPF) hosted a community meeting on June 15th, in Skybox B at the Northtown Center, from 6:00-8:30pm featuring representation from Grindline Skateparks, which has been building parks across the country for 25 years.


We the Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation have been working with the Town of Amherst beginning in 2011. We were formed as a requirement by the Town Recreation Committee and we are 501C3 non for profit organization. 

We have held numerous fundraisers and opportunites for everyone in the Western New York community and accross the nation to get involved. We are currently in the process of designing the 10,000 sq. ft. facility with a site A and Site B concept.

We hope to start construction in Spring 2017 given there are no hurdles to the process. We had Grindline Skateparks in to do a community meeting in June of 2015. They have gone to the drawing board and will have early concepts available for viewing this summer.

More info on Grindline here...

We still have more work to go in regards to the construction phase of this facility.

Listed here you will see a list of our progress and a timeline of events that have gotten us to the point of design. There are still several steps to go to make this skatepark a reality. 

Click here for a list of materials and services we will be actively looking for donations...

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