Alexandria "Alix" Rice

    December 29 1992 - July 8th 2011

Alexandria “Alix” Rice was an exceptional, fun, and loving young woman. Her upbeat attitude could turn around anyone’s day, and she was an incredibly caring person to friends and strangers alike. Her thoughtfulness sparked this project and will carry it through to completion. On July 8, 2011, Alix was riding her longboard, “Rupert,” home from work when she was struck by a drunk driver. Alix lost her life that night, yet it is her inspiring nature, not tragedy, that will define her legacy.


The Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation

The Alix Rice peace park Foundation is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization. It was formed August 26, 2012 with the major goal of building a skatepark in memory of Alexandria "Alix" Rice. A safe haven for local skateboard/longboard enthusiasts in Alix's home town of Amherst.  (Above are some concepts that have been talked about with Pillar Designs.)

If you would like to either remember a loved one or  would like to support the park with your company or corporation here are the options available. We would request that you please fill the form out with exact details and send to the foundation address on the form!!! 




BENCHES = $5000

PAVILION = $5000



​​The Foundation’s mission is to preserve the values of Alix Rice through her legacy as a longboard and skateboard enthusiast by soliciting funds to financially support the erection and preservation of a skate park as a safe, centrally located meeting place separate from traffic available to all Amherst residents which will promote and empower the youth as stewards of the creative force that adds diversity to our local community through skateboarding as a recreational activity within the Amherst community. To secure a  10,000 - 16,000 sq.ft.  public skatepark in memory of Alix Rice.

The purpose of this project is to provide a safe place for skaters to skate and share camaraderie similar to those experiences of soccer, hockey, lacrosse or football players.Skate parks are not breeding grounds for trouble. Skaters have a bad image because they are seen on streets or in locations not appropriate for skateboarders. Skateboarding is a social culture. Teenagers in particular need more than just a place to skateboard. They are looking for a place to meet with friends and talk about music, video-games and sports. Increasingly, outdoor space and public areas are privatized in a manner that discourages teens from gathering. They are looking for a physical place that welcomes them in our community. When a skate park finally gets built in an area where there was a negative reaction they eventually realize the positive impact it has on their communities.

Alix Rice Donation Gifts


All are available for a donation at

2889 Phatman Boardshop, Sheridan Drive , Tonawanda , NY 14150

Be a permanent part of the park with your donation!

Alix Rice Memorial Skatepark has a home!

​​The skatepark proposed for Amherst in memory of  Alexandria "Alix" Rice has taken a huge step forward. The Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation is proud to announce that the location of the skatepark has been narrowed down to two parcels of land at the Northtown Center, and the process of a user agreement will be implemented in the next few months.

While we are extremely excited at this news, we are still in need of roughly $150,000 to achieve our fundraising goal. We need to continue to raise funds from all possible avenues, and solicit in-kind donations from local suppliers and contractors.

If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact us .Thank you again for all of your support to date, we are truly grateful. 


Jon Fulcher
President, Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation

Support from across the country and here in Western New York has pushed the idea of a memorial skatepark much closer to becoming reality.This summer the Tony Hawk Foundation selected the Alix Rice Peace Park in Amherst for a $7,500 grant and supports the efforts of the Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation (ARPPF) to build a public non-profit skatepark. A charitable, non-profit organization, the Tony Hawk Foundation was established in 2002 by its namesake, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

“Skateboarders, long relegated to finding recreational outlets in alleys and parking garages, find their collective voice when it comes to skatepark advocacy,” said THF Programs Director Peter Whitley. “The results are transformative, not just for the skateboarders but often for the community.”

And for a third year in a row Music is Art - which advocates for music in schools and supplies students with instruments - has welcomed the ARPPF to be a part of its’ annual festival. Music is Art (MiA) was started by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls 12 years ago and this year’s MiA festival will be held September 13th at Delaware Park, directly behind the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

"Music is Art is honored to support this initiative, our organization is all about our community’s youth and this skatepark will be an amazing place for our youth. We are pleased to have the ARPPF at the MiA Festival and hope they raise tons of funds to help meet their goal." Tracy Shattuck, Music is Art  Executive Director.

The ARPPF will be soliciting support the day of the MiA event and any donation over $20 will be rewarded with an Alix Rice T-shirt and a pair of Buffalo Sabres preseason tickets (while supplies last).

Jon Fulcher, President of the ARPPF said “ We are truly honored to have support from the Tony Hawk Foundation, Music is Art and the Buffalo Sabres. It really speaks volumes to the integrity of what we are are doing to provide a safe place for kids to skate.”

The ARPPF was formed after the tragic loss of skateboarding enthusiast Alexandria Rice at the hands of a drunk driver in 2011.The Town of Amherst and the ARPPF are developing the user agreement subsequent to the Amherst Town Board voting unanimously February 27, 2014 to build the skatepark at the Northtown Recreation Center. The 10,000 square foot California-style concrete park will feature areas for all skill sets of skateboarding, inline skating and BMX bikers to take part.Since announcing this location the foundation has been applying for grants and developing fundraising strategies necessary to fully fund the construction of the park. The ARPPF is nearly two-thirds of the way to its fundraising goal of $350,000 and anticipates breaking ground on the skatepark by the Spring of 2015.

For more information or to donate to the Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation please visit AlixRice.comIf you have any questions please contact Jon Fulcher at 716-514-6148, or

Tony Hawk Foundation, Music is Art Back Amherst Skatepark in memory of Alix Rice

Tony Hawk Foundation, Music is Art Back Amherst Skatepark in memory of Alix Rice